Why You Should Choose Us


We live, work and play in the cities you want to live in… We love these areas, and want to find you the right home, and help you sell your best asset.


Do you list properties?

Yes.  Our fees our competitive, and we are experts in marketing everything from entry level condos to high end multi-million dollar properties.  We are experts in internet marketing and high end multimedia presentation so that your property looks it’s best on every website, photo tour, and flyer.
Do you help First Time Buyers?
Absolutely.  It’s important to meet with a Realtor who can consult with you, understand your wants and dreams, and help navigate you through the buying and financing process.  We have several members of our staff who are experts in working with first time buyers.

Do you offer discounts for your services?
Yes. We offer a wide range of services for both sellers and buyers, and we are very competitive with our fee structures for sellers, and work closely with buyers to provide similar services on the buying side.

Why should I choose your company?

No one will work harder, provide better service, and help you understand the process of buying or selling your home like a GateHouse agent will.