Clients Testimonials



“From the minute I met John, his calm and cool demeanor was refreshing. He was never pushy or aggressive, but rather his approach was always to make sure that he had my wife any my best interests in mind. We closed escrow in 17 days, and could not have done it without John’s expertise. He was always available to answer questions that we had, and his responsiveness was greatly appreciated. As this was our first time buying a house, John really took the time to make sure that the process went smooth. John is a real estate professional that I look forward to referring friends and family to!”   —–The Neerhof‘s   3/26/17

“John upon our first meeting was disarming, informative, confident, and result oriented. He represented my estate sale with great care, patience, and compassion, along with the ability to smoothly get the job done with the minimum level of stress. I would recommend John for your real estate needs on the buying or selling side as he knows the local market, knows the process of buying and selling homes, and genuinely cares about his clients”—- T. Norton  03/22/2017

“My fiance and I are getting married in May and we decided to buy a house to add to the craziness. Not to mention, this was going to be our first home. We couldn’t have done it without someone like John. He is not your typical realtor. He won’t sell you on properties simply to grab a commission. He is professional, friendly, extremely responsive, and overall just a good person. He is looking out for his client and the best home for their situation/needs. We will miss the weekend grind of searching for houses with John, because he’s the type of person you want to be around. Thanks again John. We will see you in the future.”—- Payne & Busch 03/11/2017

“John is the best! He made the process of buying our first home genuinely enjoyable. He is so easygoing and patient, knowledgable and honest. He always made us feel like we were his #1 priority, was extremely responsive, and if he didn’t know the answer to our questions, he found the answer quickly! He negotiated firmly on our behalf, securing a great deal for us on our home. We trusted John every step of the way, and he was always there for us with sage advice and a funny joke. He helped us navigate the process with the patience of a pre-k teacher, and we never felt lost or blind – he always kept us informed. We highly recommend John to anyone looking for a reliable, honest, and easy-to-work-with agent”—- The Rovelli’s 03/08/2017

We have used John for our professional and personal real estate needs over the last several years. He has gone above and beyond to make our real estate transactions come through. Time after time he has been responsive, prompt and efficient. John goes out of his way to “Make it Happen”. He is honest, caring and most of all relatable. We highly recommend his services on any end of a real estate transaction!— The Giddings 2/27/17


My husband and i recently moved to California with a large amount of student debt. We never thought owning a home would be in our near future. I cannot express how grateful we are for John and his commitment to getting us in a wonderful first home. He went above and beyond in every aspect of the home buying process and wouldn’t stop until we were able to get in our perfect home. We encountered several bumps in the road along the way, but he continually found new ways to get around them so that we weren’t put in a vulnerable position financially. I couldn’t recommend him more for those looking to sell or buy!—-

If representing the seller, John listens to opposing viewpoints and then puts skin in the game as needed to make the deal happen. He has an excellent photographer that knows how to best showcase a property for sale.— Gunderson   10/2016

We had listed our home and didn’t get a single offer while on the market for 90 days with another agent who bragged about his credentials. John met with us and recommended a few home upgrades to make our home more desirable and presented an aggressive marketing plan. He was very hands on throughout the whole process. He kept us well informed of all that was going on. Once John put our home on the market, we received an acceptable offer in 14 days. It was a pleasure working with John and we look forward to working with him again when we’re ready to buy a new home.—10/9/2016

They say family members can be the most difficult clients. Well, we may have been a challenge, but John was extremely patient, very professional, and his attention to all our concerns was remarkable. He made the transaction smooth and got us a record price for our former family home turned rental. We highly recommend him, not because he is our son, but because he is a darn fine Realtor.—- 10/7/16

John was very helpful and calm through a very difficult transaction. The buyers were 3 weeks behind in releasing their contingencies and their agent was completely inept. I would recommend John to my friends–—–10/6/16

“John is without peer in the industry. We have dealt with a number of real estate professionals on both sides of the transaction. John made the entire process almost enjoyable. He communicated with us directly and often. We knew exactly where we stood throughout the process and he had the knowledge to help us stay ahead of everything that needed to happen in the short time until closing. His easy-going demeanor also helped lower the stress of going through the process. We highly recommend John if you are planning any sale or purchase in Orange County.”—–The Carman’s

“John did an excellent job finding us the right home!!! My husband is disabled and he was able to find a home that not only suited our needs but we also love it!! He was very responsive and was able to work around our crazy schedule. I highly recommend!!”——The Mehess’s

“Love working with John Leffler. He is a great realtor. I would recommend him to my friends and family that is buying a house. Our house was a short sale too us 6 months but he was on it.”——-The Curiel’s

“My wife and I can’t be more excited about our experience working with John. The biggest immediate draw to him for us was his distinct knowledge of the area we were looking for in Costa Mesa. It is always so helpful when a real estate agent has the ability to acknowledge which areas are better than other based off his own life experiences, and best of all he’ll be honest with you. As first time home buyers, he was a great advisor to my wife and myself. Any one that is willing to take my wife’s endless stream of text messages at 10pm about a water heater is worth a 5 star review. Thanks so much John for getting us into our first home. Won’t ever work with anyone else.”—-The Holidays

“John is a one of a kind. I have known him for years outside of real estate and only was vaguely aware that he was a realtor. We started talking one day at the gym and about a year and a half later, I own my best piece of income property on the Eastside of Costa Mesa. John put the whole deal together out of thin air. I could only buy the place under very specific circumstances and even those, I kept getting pulled away, out of the country for work. The sellers had no interest in accommodating our needs, but the property was perfect and John never let up. For several months we worked on a deal that would work for everyone. With an escrow that seemed to be pretty difficult, some of the issues were on our side and some where on the other. It seemed that the other agent was super unresponsive and at some point the sellers began dealing w/ John directly. That seemed to speed things up and we got the deal we want and as far as I know, so did the sellers. I recommend John as highly as possible. He performed as an agent better than I could have expected and his persistence and ethics as person/friend is really what made it all happen. PS. It’s easy to write something nice about a friend or business associate but the truth of the matter is that John is the only one you want on your team!”—-The Giddings

“After taking a long hiatus from the real estate market to focus on my law practice, I was asked by a friend to sell his house.  OK, I say, but I’m not up to speed with the latest in the industry.  I am thankful that through this real estate transaction I met John Leffler, who turns out to be not only a fine broker, but also a decent guy who was willing to help shorten my re-learning curve.  I like his style – moving everything with the proper sense of urgency to get the job done.  Time is of the essence for everyone involved in a real estate transaction, and John understands that.  I look forward to future transactions with John, and I thank him for his patience with me as I step back into the market.”—-James D. 2/20/2016


“I was listing my property my self when I met Mr. Leffler. He came straight out with it. He didn’t have “the” buyer for my property. He wanted to list my property and market it to “every” buyer in the market. Mr. Leffler laid out a strategy that was supposed to put our property in front of thousands of buyers in the market. He said he would use the web for marketing the property. We talked for several weeks while we prepared for the sale. Several other local agents came by and made various offers and we encouraged all of them to bring by an offer. Their offers never materialized. We like and trusted Mr. Leffler from the first time we met him and eventually decided to just let him do what does best. The week after we signed the contract, Mr. Leffler had a professional photographer over (and included a photo shoot of my e-type Jag). That same day, he showed us his pre market marketing and our property had been seen by over 2000 people on the web. We got our first offer just 10 days after being on the market and everything worked out just as he said it would. We would refer Mr. Leffler to anyone who asks. He know the real estate market and is excellent at what he does.”—Ermert

“John is awesome. He is honest and reliable. When my husband and I started looking for s home, we really didn’t know where to start. John takes his work seriously and acts as if he is looking for a home for his family. He took care of everything and was always there for us if we had any concerns. He Found us our perfect home at a great deal, he’s easy to work with and we completely trust him. Would highly recommend!”—Cords

“John was great! He was so patient with our endless daily questions and made the whole process feel very low stress. He felt more like a friend than a realtor and we would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to buy a house especially in the Costa Mesa area!”—-Bry



John sold our condo in August 2013 and the whole experience was stress free. From the first time he visited our home, John was incredibly engaged and always available. He guided us through the listing of our home, helped us to focus on the right improvements and got top dollar. We had multiple offers the first day on the market and sold within a week. He handled every detail with the buyers and made the process unbelievably smooth. I was out of town for a week and literally took care of all docs on my iPhone. —–Tracie T. 11/3/2013

John is a master negotiator, extremely ethical, and will work all day and night until he closes the deal. We look forward to working with him in purchasing our next home and highly recommend him to anyone else looking to sell or buy. Thanks John!

We had already been to a dozen homes Fall 2013, and met all the pushy listers. When we told our friends we were in the market to buy a home, business cards and referrals flew our direction. Everyone IS “the best agent” or HAS “the best agent”. My husband and I we didn’t necessarily want the best agent in their terms–it’s a volatile housing market–we wanted someone who would accurately represent for our needs.  —-Marrissa G. 1/22/2014

(We sold an expensive property in 2013, and had interviewed five selling agents before settling on a top OC group. The communication within the team and with us was disjointed and confusing. Come to find out they had been lying to us. We learned quickly that most agents are unpleasantly ambitious.)

We found John on an open house in Costa Mesa. There are a few characteristics that mark a solid realtor, in my opinion, and John has all of them. (Yes, these intersect but for the sake of making this review palatable.)

Integrity – John is an unusual agent who will make you question him or how everyone else helps buys and sells houses. This was good for us, because being atypical set him apart. Even his business card picture was a stark resemblance of the way he looked in real life! John never made us think he was the best, and he told us up front it was a cut-throat market for his industry. He respected our boundaries and let us decide for ourselves if we wanted to work with him. He gave us his card, and we found ourselves on his blog. This guy is passionate about Orange County in ways most real estate agents are not. When it came time to submit our offer, John reassured us our’s would be chosen–that was a bold statement on his part, but he was correct! When escrow ended, we got a house and made a friend.

Discerning of Client Needs – My husband is a meticulous contractor*, so we had extremely specific priorities. He won’t be swayed by travertine tiled showers, paint colors, granite countertops, and new vinyl windows. My husband let John know up front what was important to us, he quickly caught on, and made sure we were informed about the house’s structure, termite status, roof, plumbing, etc.

Geographically Savvy – I can’t tell you how many times we told agents areas we were looking, and they had no idea! And then they would tell us we should check out certain cities or neighborhoods, and they were completely off! Especially if you’re in the Costa Mesa market, down to the street name, John knows all and more. Check out his blog to be edumacated.

Communication – I quickly found out that honesty = good communication. A dishonest agent will not call you back. A dishonest agent only tells you what you want to hear. A dishonest agent is does not teach. A dishonest agent only talks about himself. A dishonest agent is in a hurry. A dishonest agent drives a leased luxury vehicle (1% kidding). John is honest, and he drives a Passat.

Professional – We had struggles with the seller’s agent, and John’s character was not swayed the whole time. He remained respectful toward her and the homeowner, even while we were speaking out of frustration, to make sure her reputation in the community was not compromised.

All said and done, buying a house is hard work. You sign a bazillion papers, have to move your crap, and for us getting the keys was kind of anticlimactic. However the best part of this experience was John. He was that agent we could lean on and trust the whole way through.

Now you wonder why I gave four stars? One, because I am more prone to read 4-star reviews than 5-star reviews because they are usually more critical. Two, because 5-star reviews place unreasonable expectations on humans and businesses. If you are buying or selling a home, do your own homework–your experience with any agent will be greatly improved when you are informed (and not by HG-TV standards).

Angie R. 2/27/2014 – John, the owner of Realty First Group is an extremely attentive and effective realtor who helped my husband and I find the perfect home.  We looked at just under 100 houses in 6 or 7 different areas over a two month period– we’re talking weekends, weekdays, mornings, evenings… morning UNTIL evening, until we were happy with the home we’re in today.  I have to say, looking at homes isn’t the easiest thing to do; I found it hard when my husband and I didn’t agree on which homes we liked.  John helped to find homes to view that he knew we’d both like, and my goodness, he helped keep our spirits up when we were getting discouraged!  We were picky clients, with specific tastes, and I’m so happy to say we were totally taken care of.  When we finally found our dream home, John was super attentive through the escrow process, often checking in on us just to see if there was anything we needed.  I felt like we were in great hands throughout the entire process, and in the end I know we really were.  Things went through without a hiccup, and we moved into our home with warm congratulations from our realtor.  I also have to mention that John was our realtor for the sale of our home, and he took care of both the sale of our old house (that house sold in THREE DAYS), and looking for our new home simultaneously.  I don’t know how he did it! I highly recommend Realty First Group, for both the sale of your home and in finding you a new home.  We have absolutely no negative comments about our experience with John and his staff– their availability was so helpful in all aspects, we were taken care of anytime we had questions, thoughts or needed to have something explained.  Thank you again for everything, John!!! 🙂