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Costa Mesa Market Update 4/22/2016

Normal feels like a break this week. After last weeks record breaking action, we are back to normal and it is sort of relaxing. I don’t know about my colleagues, but I love the 15 hour days and 7 day a week schedule.

Any way, we have calmed way down to 20 new homes and 15 sold homes. Since there is much to write, I’ll just put the vlog here so you can watch it.


Costa Mesa Market Update 4/15/2016

Talk about a crazy few years. This market has absolutely been on fire. The experts say that California has appreciated at about 5% – 7% per for the last few years, but it certainly feels like Costa Mesa has been crushing those numbers.

In any case, the interest rates are staying low for now, and probably at least throught the year, so payments are still relatively affordable… don’t laugh, let me finish… compared to rents. Rents are predicted to rise another 9% in OC for the coming year.

Take a peak at my weekly(ish) vlog post